Make It Simple

Do you ever wish you lived in a simpler time? What would you be willing to sacrifice to make that happen? Would you be willing to give up modern conveniences such as your computer or cell phone? Would you be willing to sacrifice electricity and everything that depends on electricity? There are a few people who have made that choice, the Amish.  

JamesPort-1In the 1720s, the first group of Amish emigrated from Europe to America. A visit to Jamesport, Missouri gives you a glimpse into the Amish life style.  Seeking separation from the superficiality of modern society, they live in modest homes on rural farms. They do not rely on electricity or other technology. Travel is by horse drawn vehicles. 

Perhaps you can try it on a trial basis. How long do you think you would last without modern technology? 



One thought on “Make It Simple

  1. I was always interested in the Amish people. I think their way of life is very healthy without computer and cell phone. I guess, I could live like this for a long time.

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