Florida Malachite

btrfly-florida-malachite-1Many people think the malachite is the most beautiful butterfly in Florida.

It’s name comes from the large pale green patches on its wings. That shade of green resembles the mineral, malachite. Surrounding the green patches, the malachite is brownish orange on the underside of its wings and velvety brown on the upper side of its wings. btrfly-florida-malachite-2

One unusual thing about this butterfly is that it prefers rotting fruit over flower nectar. Another is that they are unable to fly or eat when the temperature drops below 82 degrees.



One thought on “Florida Malachite

  1. Malachite happens to be one of my favorite stones! It is also my Native American birth stone, which I didn’t find out until after many years of loving malachite. Beautiful specimen!

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