Happy New Year: 2016

As Nikita and Berlin turn their backs on 2015, they invite us to look forward with them to 2016. Nikita is off to new adventures in North Carolina. Berlin plans to stay with us in Kansas City.


I’m not sure what photo opportunities all my friends at the Kansas City Zoo will provide in 2016, but I’m optimistic that they will delight my camera as usual.

I’ll be watching for more antics from Radi and eager to see Masika growing into a big girl. I wonder if we will have some new animals join us in 2016. I’ve heard that there will be some koalas joining us for the summer. Will there be any new babies at the zoo?

Of course, I’ll be looking for other sights of nature throughout the year. There are always splashes of color with the butterflies. Maybe I’ll find a new sculpture or bridge.

My big question for myself is, when will I find the time to get all the photos I want? Nature is always calling.